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The Gifts Americans Are Searching for This Holiday Season

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Whether you start shopping months in advance or look for a last-minute, overnight package on Amazon, the holiday season is the perfect time to find a unique gift for the people in your life. If you struggle to come up with the right presents for your loved ones, we’re here to help.

Now that online shopping is more convenient than ever, Amazon and Google Shopping are cornerstones of the holiday gift experience. To that end, the team at ATTExperts.com set out to find what people across America are searching for this holiday season.

While Baby Yoda and weighted blankets were hits in 2020, this year, Americans have moved toward tech gifts. Check out the map below for gift inspiration—you can thank us later.

Each State’s Most Searched Holiday Presents

Each state's most-searched holidays presents


We looked at Ahrefs keywords based on the domain Amazon.com, traffic, and volume. Then we ranked the keywords based on the estimated monthly organic search traffic of the website’s ranking page from a given keyword. From there, we took the top 10 keywords and used Google Shopping to break them down by state popularity over a 90-day period.

More Festive Findings

  • The item that topped searches in the most states is the PlayStation 5, which comes at no surprise considering over 10 million units have been sold worldwide since its release last year.
  • The second most popular item on our list is a TV.
  • Amazon recently released the Amazon Fire TV with a built-in Fire TV Stick, helping TVs become a hot item this holiday season. Alexa, play Home Alone.
  • While the Nintendo Switch drove the most traffic to Amazon with over 1.26M searches, only six states searched for them the most on Google Shopping.
  • Nintendo recently released their Nintendo Switch OLED Model, featuring a bigger screen and more storage than the original model. Time to send an upgrade to your friends and family who love gaming.
  • Apple products took the internet by storm this year with two products in the top 10 Amazon and Google Shopping searches. For the Apple enthusiast in your life, consider AirPods or an iPad.

State-by-State Breakdown

StateMost Popular Item
ArizonaNintendo Switch
ArkansasPlayStation 5
CaliforniaNintendo Switch
ConnecticutPlayStation 5
DelawarePlayStation 5
District of ColumbiaTV
IdahoInstant Pot
IndianaPlayStation 5
IowaPlayStation 5
LouisianaPlayStation 5
MainePlayStation 5
MinnesotaPlayStation 5
MississippiPlayStation 5
MissouriRoku Player
NebraskaPlayStation 5
NevadadPlayStation 5
New HampshireInstant Pot
New JerseyiPad
New MexicoAirPods
New YorkNintendo Switch
North CarolinaPlayStation 5
New DaktoaTV
OregonNintendo Switch
PennsylvaniaPlayStation 5
Rhode IslandTV
South CarolinaRoku Player
South DakotaRoku Player
TennesseePlayStation 5
TexasPlayStation 5
VermontNintendo Switch
WashingtonNintendo Switch
West VirginiaRoku Player
WisconsinNintendo Switch

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