Which Gadget, Gizmo, Toy, or Home Good Will Your State Gift the Most this Year?

Here are the Most Popular Holiday Gifts of 2020

Each year, the holidays usher in a slew of Black Friday deals, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa discounts, and pre-New Year’s Eve steals. But which gifts do people love to give their loved ones the most during the holidays?

Is it workout gear? A toy? A tech gadget? To find out, the team at AT&T Experts looked at Amazon data for all fifty states plus DC to see which gadgets and gizmos are flying off the shelves the most this year.

By a landslide, air fryers are already the most-popular holiday gift of 2020, followed by weighted blankets. Read on to see which gift your neck of the woods loves to put in their shopping cart.

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Interesting Finds
The Air Fryer Takes the Cake

Here’s What We Found

  • The air fryer is the most popular gift on our list. Beyond its Amazon listing, the air fryer’s popularity has dominated in the form of Instagram accounts, multiple air fryer cookbooks, and TikTok hashtags that boast more than 362 million views.
  • Americans’ love for the air fryer isn’t new news: In 2018, the US was the biggest contributor to the North American air fryer market, contributing $323.4 million in revenue. By 2026, the air fryer is estimated to bring in $476.7 million in revenue.
  • Idaho, Maine, and Maryland searched for weighted blankets the most of any gift. Americans’ anxiety levels have increased exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, and since weighted blankets are great for anxious minds and bodies, it makes perfect sense that they’d be a hit in today’s world.
  • Even though The Mandalorian made its hit debut in 2019, Baby Yoda toys are still the top search in nine states: Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia.
  • Washington, DC was the only location to search the Amazon Firestick the most of any gift—and it might be because upgrading streaming services is yesterday’s news. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, 56% more Americans invested in paid streaming services at the start of lockdown.
  • Although many Americans have already upgraded their streaming services, according to our data, the Amazon Alexa is still on people’s wish lists. Vermont, Kansas, and Nevada searched for the home gadget the most of any state. It's a worthy investment when you consider how much Americans will stay at home this winter.
StateMost Popular Item
AlabamaBaby Yoda Toy
AlaskaGaming Chair
ArizonaAir Fryer
ArkansasAir Fryer
CaliforniaAir Fryer
ColoradoElectric Scooter
ConneticutInstant Pots
DelawareAir Fryer
District of ColumbiaAmazon Firestick
FloridaAir Fryer
GeorgiaAir Fryer
HawaiiAir Fryer
IdahoWeighted Blanket
IllinoisAir Fyer
IndianaBaby Yoda Toy
IowaBaby Yoda Toy
KansasAmazon Alexa
KentuckyAir Fryer
LouisianaAir Fryer
MaineWeighted Blanket
MarylandWeighted Blanket
MassachesettsAir Fryer
MichiganAir Fryer
MinnesotaAir Fryer
MississippiAir Fryer
MissouriAir Fryer
MontanaFitbit Charge 3
NebraskaBaby Yoda Toy
NevadaAmazon Alexa
New HampshireInstant Pot
New JerseyAir Fryer
New MexicoAir Fryer
New YorkElectric Scooter
North CarolinaAir Fryer
North DakotaGoogle Pixel 4
OhioAir Fryer
OklahomaAir Fryer
OregonBaby Yoda Toy
PennsylvaniaAir Fryer
Rhode IslandGoogle Pixel 4
South CarolinaAir Fryer
South DakotaBaby Yoda Toy
TennesseeAir Fryer
TexasAir Fryer
UtahBaby Yoda Toy
VermontAmazon Alexa
VirginiaAir Fryer
WashingtonAir Fryer
West VirginiaBaby Yoda Toy
WisconsinAir Fryer
WyomingInstant Pot


To find the most popular holiday gifts listed on Amazon, we analyzed Ahrefs keywords based on domain (amazon.com), traffic, and volume. From there, we ranked each keyword based on overall traffic.

We compiled the top ten keywords and used Google Shopping data to break down each item’s popularity by state (including DC) over the past ninety days.

Reporters can email questions to Bailey@attsavings.com.