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Shared Data
300 MB
Shared Data
2 GB
Shared Data
5 GB
Shared Data
15 GB
Shared Data
20 GB
$140 /mo
Shared Data
25 GB
Shared Data
30 GB
Shared Data
40 GB
Shared Data
50 GB
$20 per 300MB on a 300MB plan, and $15 per 1GB on all other plans. Overage data must be used in the billing period it is provided, and does not roll over.

International Text
All Plans include unlimited domestic & international text, picture and video messages sent or received from US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Plans above 15 GB also include UNLIMTED CALLING TO Canada and Mexico.

In addition to Mobile Share Plan
300MB, 2GB & 5GB plan requires $25 for each device. 15GB through 50GB requires additional $15 per device.
What is AT&T Next℠?

Qualified customers can purchase smartphones for $0 down, splitting the regular price of the smartphone into low monthly installments. Taxes are due at the time of sale.

AT&T Next
AT&T Next 18 Installment Plan:
  • Customers sign up for a 24-month installment agreement
  • Customers can upgrade to a new smartphone every 18 months, after the 18th payment is made. Balance owed on original Next installment is forgiven.
To upgrade to a new device:
  • Smartphone must be in good working condition
  • Customers must sign up for a new installment plan
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Get More for Your Money

When you choose a wireless plan from AT&T, you can get the latest smartphones for $0 down and no annual service contract. Just pay the sales tax up front. And with Unlimited Talk & Text, plus data to share, you can connect the whole family on one simple plan.

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AT&T Covers More Than 99% of Americans

AT&T covers more than 320 million people on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. Upgrades to the LTE network make staying in touch with family and friends easier than ever. Download songs, movies, photos, and apps in an instant and connect to the thousands of nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots for added data usage savings.


The Nation’s Most Reliable Network

AT&T’s expanded 4G LTE network means clearer connections and fewer dropped calls. And their award-winning support and service teams are available 24/7 for help with questions on devices, plans, data usage or accessories. You’re never without resources when you choose the network you can count on.

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