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DIRECTV in Abilene, Kansas

The go-to provider for all things entertainment

Get DIRECTV® and create your own, customized TV experience for your Abilene, Kansas home. Now a part of the AT&T family, DIRECTV can not only offer superior satellite entertainment, but more choices, options, and features than ever before. You can choose from programming on more than 285 channels, at home or on-the-go with the DIRECTV app. And with the Genie® HD DVR, you never have to miss the big game or the latest episode of your favorite series, as this state-of-the-art device lets you record as many as five shows simultaneously. Not only can you record shows and events to view later with your DVR, but you can also watch your favorite programs anytime with On Demand. Still want more? DIRECTV makes it easy for you to update your account at any time, so you can add premium channels or a DIRECTV sports package at your own convenience. With so many ways to make TV your own, it’s little wonder that DIRECTV has been the number one ranked company for customer satisfaction 15 years in a row*. To take advantage of all that DIRECTV has to offer and to start watching TV your way, sign up for DIRECTV today!


Imagine if you could record as many as five HD shows at a time. The Genie—available only from DIRECTV—makes this possible. The Genie offers advanced modern technology that lets you store up to 200 hours of HD programming. That means you can save all of your favorite shows for even longer and watch them at your convenience. The Genie is particularly great for families, who no longer have to argue about who gets to watch what. And when you can’t choose between two of your favorite shows, you’ll love the Genie’s Picture-in-Picture feature, which lets you watch two shows on a single screen. So call now and elevate your TV experience with DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR!

Movie Channel Extras

Want better programming options, including premium channels like Cinemax®, Showtime®, Starz®, and HBO®? If so, DIRECTV is the satellite service provider for you! Not only does DIRECTV offer 3 free months of select premium channels, but you also get the option to customize your entertainment package with your choice of premium channel subscriptions and bundled offers. You can also watch the shows and channels you love in a way that’s convenient for you. With the DIRECTV app, for instance, you can use your smartphone or tablet to keep up with shows on-the-go. What’s more, On Demand gives you unlimited access to the most recent and past seasons of your favorite shows, so you can get (and stay) caught up.


Every Sunday is game day, thanks to DIRECTV’s exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Get the 2015 season for no additional cost when you sign up for a DIRECTV package. And if game day isn’t enough to satisfy your football cravings, you can get scores, stats, game highlights and live streaming via the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app. Bring every intense moment of the season directly into your living room with DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Take Control of TV with the Genie

The Genie from DIRECTV is the only DVR system you’ll ever need. A fully-equipped HD DVR, the Genie provides 200 hours of HD storage plus the ability to record up to five movies, shows, or games simultaneously. And that’s just the beginning! With Genie Minis, you can also enjoy full functionality throughout your home without having to connect a whole new DVR to each TV. A single Genie HD DVR can connect with up to eight Genie Minis, giving you the ability to pause, record, and rewind programs from any room of your house. The Genie Mini even gives you the ability to place each of your TVs in the perfect spot—even if there are no cable outlets nearby. Put it on the back deck and kick your family movie night up a notch, or put it in the shed and watch your favorite Abilene or nationwide shows while you catch up on home improvement projects—the choice is yours! And because the Genie Mini is wireless, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to hide yards of cable cords. With so many features and perks, DIRECTVâ??s Genie is sure to enhance your home entertainment.


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145+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Disney
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • ABC Family
  • TBS


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150+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • ESPN
  • Discovery
  • Fox News
  • Nickelodeon
  • Comedy Central


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175+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • NBC Sports
  • Lifetime Movie
  • AMC
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Science


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220+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • DIY Network
  • FXX
  • Oxygen
  • Fox Sports
  • Nat Geo Wild


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240+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Fox Business
  • Encore
  • The Movie Channel
  • IFC
  • National Geographic Wild


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325+ Channels
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New and existing AT&T Wireless customers can save an extra $10 a month when they combine their bill with a DIRECTV plan.
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AT&T wireless in Abilene, Kansas

Stay connected with the nation's strongest 4G LTE signal

Take advantage of the strongest LTE signal in the nation with AT&T wireless! Featuring reliable service that covers more than 99% of Americans, AT&T offers a better customer experience, with fewer dead zones, better reception, and great customer service. If you’re an AT&T customer in Abilene, you enjoy 24/7 online have access to your account, allowing you to update features, make changes to your plan, and even pay your bill in the middle of the night. And that’s just the beginning! AT&T also lets you stay up-to-date with the latest smartphone technology, for no money down and with no long-term contracts, all through AT&T Next. Additionally, well-qualified buyers can enjoy the flexibility of paying for their new smartphone on a monthly installment plan. Plus, when you get the AT&T hotspot app, you can cut down on data usage because you’ll get access to AT&T’s nationwide network of Internet hotspots. So if you want unparalleled service, a reliable signal, and fantastic features and benefits, you’re sure to love AT&T. Learn more by contacting us today!

Get Unlimited Talk & Text in Abilene, Kansas

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive wireless plans around, look no further than AT&T. AT&T plans come with options for features like Unlimited Talk and Text and Unlimited International Texting. These useful features are cost-friendly and keep you in touch with those you care about, no matter where they are in the world. And you’ll be pleased to know that with Rollover Data®, you can keep your unused data and roll it into the next month. You can even use Mobile Share Value to utilize your plan and data on all your mobile devices. Not only does this feature allow you to put your entire family on a single plan, but it allows you to select whatever smartphones you’d like, even the newest iPhones. You’ll also get the freedom to alter the details of your plan at your convenience, in case you find that you need additional data or storage. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your wireless plan, Unlimited Talk and Text, offered only through AT&T Wireless, is the clear choice.

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