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DIRECTV in Trumbull, Connecticut

The go-to provider for all things entertainment

Did you know that two of the most well-known brands in the nation have partnered up? DIRECTV® is now a part of the AT&T family, meaning you can not only get high-quality satellite TV service—ranked number one in customer satisfaction for 15 years in a row*—but great connectivity as well. That’s not including a host of extra benefits and features offered to Trumbull, Connecticut customers. Are you tired of missing the latest episodes of this season’s hit shows or the latest sporting events because your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to watch TV as it airs? With On Demand, that problem is solved, since you’re able to dictate when you view your top shows. You can also get programming on over 285 channels, which can all be accessed on-the-go via the DIRECTV app, as well as have the ability to record up to 5 shows simultaneously with the Genie® HD DVR. And to make the deal even sweeter, you can even add premium channels for a completely personalized entertainment experience. With so many great options, it easy to see why DIRECTV is widely considered a superior choice for home entertainment.


Only DIRECTV brings you the Genie, the most advanced HD DVR system you’ll encounter today. The Genie’s full set of features deliver exciting entertainment, while also allowing you to simplify your life. You can say goodbye to long debates over whose turn it is to watch TV because the Genie can store up to 200 hours of HD shows and will record as many as five programs simultaneously. And just in case you’re still undecided about what to watch in the moment, simply use the Picture-in-Picture feature to view two different shows. With all the great features available with the Genie from DIRECTV, you’ll be able to enjoy TV more than ever!

Movie Channel Extras

Got a Game of Thrones fan at home? DIRECTV gives you unparalleled access to the premium channels you love! When you sign up for DIRECTV, you’ll get three free months of access to premium channels. You can also watch the latest episodes of premium shows after they air On Demand and even catch up on the past series that everyone is talking about. If that’s not enough, you can take your favorite programs with you, wherever you go, using the DIRECTV app, which lets you watch TV from your smartphone or tablet whenever it’s convenient for you. You can even save on the programming you love by adding premium channels in groups as part of a special offer. Or you can opt to add your favorite premium channels individually to get the custom plan that’s perfect for you. So call today and get DIRECTV to unlock access to enhanced premium programming found on the most popular networks, including HBO®, Showtime®, Cinemax®, Starz®, and more.


Only DIRECTV can bring you the exclusive action of NFL SUNDAY TICKET! With this amazing sports package, you’ll get live broadcasts of every game, along with in-depth coverage of the top teams and players. And for those times when you’re away from home, you can download the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app, which allows you to check scores, watch highlights, and even stream live games. Plus, for a limited time, new DIRECTV customers can even get the rest of the 2015 season for no added cost! Call now to find out more.

Take Control of TV with the Genie

The home entertainment experience goes up a few notches when Trumbull DIRECTV customers add the Genie to an existing DIRECTV package. With the ability to record 5 shows at the same time and store as much as 200 hours of HD programs, the Genie makes the most of your home entertainment experience. And if you want to enjoy all of your stored programming from anywhere around your home, including outside, simply add a few Genie Minis to enjoy full functionality on each of your TVs. Now you can make cable outlets a thing of the past because each Genie HD DVR can connect to as many as eight Genie Minis throughout your house. Plus, because Genie Minis are wireless, you won’t have to mess with annoying wires and cables any more. Want to watch TV on the deck while you barbecue, or enjoy the latest shows relaxing in a lawn chair? No problem, because you can have every one of your shows at your fingertips with the Genie Mini.


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145+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Disney
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • ABC Family
  • TBS


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150+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • ESPN
  • Discovery
  • Fox News
  • Nickelodeon
  • Comedy Central


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175+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • NBC Sports
  • Lifetime Movie
  • AMC
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Science


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220+ Channels
See Channels
Popular Channels Include:
  • DIY Network
  • FXX
  • Oxygen
  • Fox Sports
  • Nat Geo Wild


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240+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Fox Business
  • Encore
  • The Movie Channel
  • IFC
  • National Geographic Wild


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325+ Channels
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New and existing AT&T Wireless customers can save an extra $10 a month when they combine their bill with a DIRECTV plan.
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AT&T wireless in Trumbull, Connecticut

Stay connected with the nation's strongest 4G LTE signal

AT&T wireless makes it easy to stay close with your friends and family, no matter where you go. Delivering the most powerful LTE signal in the nation, AT&T Wireless’ footprint includes over 99% of Americans. For AT&T wireless customers in Trumbull, this means that saying goodbye to dropped calls resulting from signal loss or other network connectivity issues. Plus, you’ll get to choose the plan, smartphone and data that suit your needs. And if your needs change, you can manage your account anytime with 24/7 online customer support. To top it all off, you can download the AT&T hotspot app and save on your data plan, as this feature allows you access any of the thousands of free AT&T Internet hotspots across the country. You can also sign up for an AT&T Next plan and have your pick from the newest smartphones for no money down and with no annual service contract. Well-qualified buyers even have the opportunity to divide the cost of their smartphone into convenient monthly installments, so call now to find out more.

Get Unlimited Talk & Text in Trumbull, Connecticut

Get the most inclusive wireless plan and the highest quality features when you choose AT&T Wireless! Sick of counting characters every time you send a text or minutes every time you make a call? AT&T offers Unlimited Talk and Text, so you can talk freely with your family and friends without worrying about your monthly bill going up. AT&T even offers Unlimited International Texting so you can keep in touch with your connections in other countries. But the benefits don’t stop there. AT&T also offers Rollover Data®, meaning you can carry over any unused data from this month to the next. And with Mobile Share Value, you can not only choose the AT&T plan, phone, and data you want—you can also share across all of your mobile devices! With this option, you can keep in touch with loved ones with ease. And if your needs become different in the future, you can always add data, up your storage, or modify your plan. So if you’re looking for a wireless plan that keeps you and your family connected, choose the highest quality and call now to get Unlimited Talk & Text with AT&T!

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