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DIRECTV in Bridgeport, Connecticut

The go-to provider for all things entertainment

DIRECTV® offers the ultimate TV experience, customized to your preferences. Bridgeport residents can also get both top-of-the-line entertainment and connectivity for their Connecticut home, as DIRECTV has recently joined the AT&T family. With DIRECTV, you can watch TV on your own terms, as you get more than 285 channels and tons of other convenient features. You'll never miss your favorite shows again because you can watch at your convenience with On Demand. Can’t decide which show to watch? Record up to five shows simultaneously with the Genie® HD DVR! Plus, download the DIRECTV app and you can watch TV on-the-go from any mobile device. What’s more, you can personalize your DIRECTV package at any time by adding premium channels, changing your account settings, and more—anything your household needs. With so many great options and features, it’s little wonder that DIRECTV has been ranked number one in customer satisfaction for 15 straight years*.


DIRECTV’s Genie® allows you to both watch TV and record up to five different shows simultaneously—making it the most powerful HD DVR system available. You can also hang onto your favorite shows and episodes longer, as the Genie offers up to 200 hours of HD storage. That means your family of five could each choose 40 hours of their favorite shows to record, with no more worrying about which program to delete before scheduling a new recording. And if two people want to watch different channels, you can use Genie’s Picture-in-Picture feature to watch both shows side-by-side. Taken together, all of the Genie’s features make DIRECTV a great option for anyone looking to enjoy a customized, convenient TV experience.

Movie Channel Extras

Get any DIRECTV entertainment package and you’ll enjoy select premium channels free for three months! DIRECTV also offers numerous special offers on premium channels and gives you the option to add premium channels individually or in groups to help you save. Catching the TV sensations that everyone is talking about has never been easier, thanks to the DIRECTV app, which allows you to watch TV on any mobile device from the palm of your hand. And if you want to catch up on past premium network shows or watch the latest episodes from this season’s hit series on HBO®, Showtime®, Cinemax®, and Starz®, you can choose from hundreds of premium channels On Demand. So sign up for any of DIRECTV’s premium channel offerings and enhance your TV experience today!


Want to see all the pro football action on game day? Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET, available exclusively from DIRECTV. If you act now and order an entertainment package from DIRECTV, you’ll get to watch the rest of the 2015 NFL season without paying any additional costs. Plus, when you download the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app, you can stay current on scores and keep track of stats right from your mobile device. Not to mention, you’ll get access to live streaming of every game as it happens. So don’t delay! Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET only available through DIRECTV and make your football fantasy a football reality.

Take Control of TV with the Genie

Want an HD DVR system that measures up with the best in the industry? Get DIRECTV! Only DIRECTV can bring you the Genie, a top-of-the-line system that can record up to 5 shows at the same time and store up to 200 hours of HD content. Want to enjoy entertainment from any TV in the house? You can with a Genie Mini. Each Genie HD DVR can connect with up to eight Genie Minis, meaning you can enjoy full DVR functionality on as many as nine TVs. And because the Genie Mini is wireless, you get the freedom to watch TV wherever you want, without have to track down a cable outlet. That means you can connect your TV from any spot with a power outlet—including your garage, your porch, your bathroom, or your kitchen. With so many features and perks, it’s clear that DIRECTV’s Genie offers Bridgeport customers the most bang for their buck. So call now to get DIRECTV today!


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145+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Disney
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • ABC Family
  • TBS


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150+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • ESPN
  • Discovery
  • Fox News
  • Nickelodeon
  • Comedy Central


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175+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • NBC Sports
  • Lifetime Movie
  • AMC
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Science


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220+ Channels
See Channels
Popular Channels Include:
  • DIY Network
  • FXX
  • Oxygen
  • Fox Sports
  • Nat Geo Wild


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240+ Channels
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Popular Channels Include:
  • Fox Business
  • Encore
  • The Movie Channel
  • IFC
  • National Geographic Wild


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325+ Channels
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New and existing AT&T Wireless customers can save an extra $10 a month when they combine their bill with a DIRECTV plan.
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AT&T wireless in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Stay connected with the nation's strongest 4G LTE signal

Supported by the strongest LTE signal in the nation, AT&T Wireless covers more than 99% of Americans, making it easy to stay connected—wherever your day takes you. AT&T wireless customers in Bridgeport can choose the plan, the phone, and the data that works best for them—without worrying about signal loss or dropped calls. You can also access your account online at any time, meaning you can switch plans, upgrade your service, or pay your bill—all without picking up the phone. Plus, gain instant access to thousands of AT&T hotspots nationwide when you download the AT&T hotspot app. This app helps you cut back on your data use by getting you access to a secure, AT&T Wi-Fi connection in any public place that uses AT&T as their Internet provider. To top it all off, AT&T offers the latest and greatest technology, as well as the option to get your choice of smartphone for no money down and no annual service contract with AT&T Next. Qualifying customers can even divide the cost of their smartphone into budget-friendly monthly payments.

Get Unlimited Talk & Text in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Get the most inclusive wireless plan and the highest quality features when you choose AT&T Wireless! Sick of counting characters every time you send a text or minutes every time you make a call? AT&T offers Unlimited Talk and Text, so you can talk freely with your family and friends without worrying about your monthly bill going up. You can even keep in touch with loved ones who live abroad with Unlimited International Texting. There’s more! AT&T also offers Rollover Data®, meaning that any unused data gets carried over from this month to the next. And with Mobile Share Value, you can not only choose the AT&T plan, phone, and data you want—you can also share across all of your mobile devices! With this option, you can keep in touch with loved ones with ease. And if you decide to make changes to your data limits, storage capacity, or other plan options, you can at any time. So start getting the most out of your wireless plan today! Call now to find out more about Unlimited Talk and Text from AT&T.

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